Get to know me

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a bit more about me. I think that knowing the personality of your photographer and a bit about them can really help you to choose the right one for your photo session.

I am a happy go lucky person who generally enjoys life.  I try to find the positive in most things and try to find the best qualities in the people that I meet.  I am a really caring person who genuinely wants you to be happy with my work.  I know photographing Weddings and being trusted to capture other milestones in life is a really big deal and I take my job seriously.

I am a big nature lover!  I enjoy all things outdoors including; gardening (big one!), camping, hiking, and just getting out exploring.   I find being out in nature to be so relaxing and inspiring.  Being a photographer I guess you could say I have a special eye for noticing things, so being outdoors I just have so much more beauty to enjoy.  


I love to travel!  In the past I mostly traveled around California and the Western United States but in previous years my husband John and I  have been lucky enough to get out and explore a bit of the world.  So far we have been to Mexico, Costa Rica, St. Maarten, and Thailand!  It is such an enlightening experience to be submersed in other cultures and getting to see the exotic landscapes.  I think it helps you to broaden your horizons, and more importantly to appreciate what you have in life.

I am also a big fan of animals; I have Dogs, Cats, Guinea Pigs, Fish Tanks and a Pond.  Those are my kids and I love them all dearly.  I love to feed wild birds outside my home as well.  Watching the little hummingbirds on the feeders and other little birds hopping all over eating their seed is so fun for me.  It is nice to just sit outside and read a book and enjoy my "almost" fee entertainment.

People often ask me how I came up with the name for my studio.  The name of my studio really has three different meanings to me.  The main meaning is that I love to capture the natural side of a person in my photography or someones "human nature".  I know things have to be posed to a certain extent but I go for natural posing with my customers and have a hands off approach.  When it comes to couples I like to just let the love shine through in the romantic poses.  The second meaning behind the name is that I love to put people in nature and therefore the majority of my work is done outdoors.  I don't mind going the extra mile to find a beautiful location that will make your photos mind blowing rather than ho-hum.  Last but not least...I feel that it is my nature to take photographs of people.  I absolutely LOVE working with people, I love capturing that fleeting moment that only exists in that second I take the photo, I love the excitement I feel when I see a wedding couple start crying because I captured a look that perfectly shows what they were feeling at that moment.  I guess you could say that photographing people is one of my strongest passions because I truly gain great joy from doing what I do.

I would like to say thank you so much for taking the time to read a bit more about me and my business.  I hope that you have read enough that you feel like I just might be the photographer you have been looking for to create something special for you.

~Natasha Burnett